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LYS African Hair Braiding has been in business since 1995 and has provided patrons like youself with excellent professional hair braiding and first class customer service for over 20 years. We specialize in a wide variety of styles and forms of hair braiding, weaving. and locs. 

You all may be wondering what does LYS in LYS African Hair Braiding means? Is it an acronym? Someones name? 

LYS stands for Launching Your Success. 

Yolande Sanvi opened LYS in 1995. We call it Launching Your Success because we realize the salon can be about so much more than just hair braiding. This hair braiding studio is a place were some of our stylist can have the chance at a slice of the American Dream. It has been a launching pad for a multitude of our stylist whom have gone on to own their own business or go back to school in pursuit of a degree. 

We have found out that over the years the same apply to you, our client. If you look good, you feel good and that can give you the confidence to conquer whatever obstacles are in your path or pursue your endeavors and reach new heights. 


That is why when it comes to your hair you should never settle for anything but the best. Don't be displeased. Visit LYS!

Here are three things you can expect at LYS Studio:

  • We strive for professional services and an impeccable end result. We pride ourselves in being a professional, clean, customer service oriented business. Our stylist have spent many years honing their abilities in the art of African hair braiding.  There is water available for you and occasionally we have snacks, coffee, and tea all free of charge. 

  • Having been in business for almost 25 years we have seen it all. Our stylist have become specialized in all sorts of hair lengths, textures and styles. Don't stress! Odds are we can do your hair.

  • We will never overcharge you. We have an open and transparent pricing. Just ask to see our price list or go to the services section of our website. 

Our stylist are excited that you are considering us as your hair salon and your business is an honor to have.

our team
Yolande Sanvi @ LYS School Development Day Chicago IL
Yolande Sanvi

Originally hailing from  the West African country of Togo. Yolande Sanvi is the CEO of LYS African Hair Braiding and the Chairwoman of LYS Group. She has been in the hair braiding industry since 1995.



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